Lawsuit Over Fishing Regulations

Wilmington, NC – The North Carolina Fisheries Association has filed a lawsuit against the federal government over new regulations that kicked in on Monday.

The new restrictions target the Snowy Grouper,Vermillion Snapper and other species found in waters off the southeastern U.S. coast.

President of the North Carolina Fisheries Association Sean McKeon says his group is suing over the science and the numbers on the economic impact the fishing industry.

He says commercial fishermen are not against regulated fishing.

"We're in favor of regulations that are fair and equitable, we're for following the law, and in this case these regulations that have promulgated in 13-C have not been applied fair and equitably as required by law."

The regulation called Amendment 13-C would ban catches of more than 100 pounds. The North Carolina Fisheries Association says there are some 7,300 commercial fishermen in the state.