Laura Padgett, Longest-Serving Member of Wilmington City Council, Will Not Seek Re-Election

Jun 9, 2015

Laura Padgett has served on the Wilmington City Council for over twenty years.  But Padgett, the longest-serving member of the council, will not seek a sixth term. 

Laura Padgett was first elected to the Wilmington City Council in 1993.  During her tenure, she focused largely on historic preservation and transportation issues.  And in 2006, Padgett was instrumental in the passing of the Parks & Green Space Bond.  In addition to her role on the council, she serves on the Metropolitan Planning Organization and Wave Transit Board.

After Padgett steps down from her position on the city council, she says she’d like to take time to read, travel, and spend time with her children and grandchildren:

"But there are also projects in the city—and they’re primarily transportation related—that I’d hope to keep an eye on and be as involved as I can. But I don’t know. The door is open."

City councilmember Margaret Haynes will run for a second term.  It remains unconfirmed as to whether or not city council member Neil Anderson and Mayor Bill Saffo will run for re-election this November.

The terms of three city councilmembers – Kevin O’Grady, Charlie Rivenbark, and Earl Sheridan – expire in 2017.

UPDATE: Neil Anderson will run for a second term this November.