The Last Ride At The Pavillion

Wilmington, NC – The Myrtle Beach Pavilion, an amusement park that has entertained the public for nearly five decades, will be turning off the lights to make room for new development.

Tim Rudy, an executive with the company that owns the park, says Saturday is the final chance to be amused at the Pavilion in what will aptly be called The Last Ride Experience.

Rudy says the Pavilion's shutting down because it was no longer making money.

The Myrtle Beach Pavilion has certainly been a large part of many people's vacations. A lot of folks go to Myrtle Beach and have been doing so for years and years and years. It's one of those things where I like to remind everybody that the place might actually be going away, but your memories will reside with you forever.

Rudy called the Pavilion closing a bittersweet situation, but says the 11 acre park site will be part of a larger renovation.