Jones votes against raising the debt ceiling; McIntyre supports the deal

Jan 24, 2013

The House approved a bill Wednesday that temporarily raises the federal debt limit. 

While it passed the House by a wide margin, one Congressman from North Carolina says he’s proud to have voted against the measure.

Republican Representative Walter Jones of North Carolina’s 3rd district says he voted “No” on the GOP-crafted legislation because it "allows the federal government to continue its addiction to wasteful deficit spending funded with borrowed money from foreign countries."

While a majority of Democrats also voted against it, Congressman Mike McIntyre of North Carolina’s 7th District and a well-known Blue Dog Democrat, voted in favor of the legislation.  

The bill, "To ensure the complete and timely payment of the obligations of the United States Government until May 19, 2013, and for other purposes," passed the House easily:  285 – 144.  

If approved by the Senate, President Obama says he will sign it into law.