J. Lo

May 30, 2012
Originally published on September 4, 2014 2:30 pm
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OK. We're going to roll right along. Shall we welcome our next two contestants?


EISENBERG: All right, let's welcome Brian Herrick and Sally Dankas.


EISENBERG: Brian, you are a musician.


EISENBERG: What do you play?

HERRICK: I play the trombone.

EISENBERG: Fantastic. It's hard one, that's a hard instrument I'm told.

HERRICK: Yeah, sure.

EISENBERG: It's like one of the top two hard ones.

HERRICK: Yes, it's not the easiest.

EISENBERG: Not the easiest. And where do you play?

HERRICK: I play in the Brooklyn Wind Symphony/

EISENBERG: Oh, cool.

HERRICK: We're a community band based out of Brooklyn, you all should come watch us play. We had a concert last week, so yeah.

EISENBERG: Excellent. And Sally Dankas, welcome.

SALLY DANKAS: Thank you.


EISENBERG: Now I've been informed that you just returned from a bruise cruise.

DANKAS: Indeed I did.

EISENBERG: What is a bruise cruise?

DANKAS: Well it's a rock 'n' roll adventure on a Carnival cruise ship with a bunch of garage and kind of punk bands, and maybe a little bit of alcohol. It was pretty fantastic.

EISENBERG: Well, we have a game here because I'm sort of done with monsters and horror movies.


EISENBERG: So we have Will Hines. Let's welcome back Will Hines.


HINES: Yes, hello.

EISENBERG: And he is going to introduce a game we like to call JLo.

HINES: Yes, that's right Ophira. This game is inspired by Jennifer Lopez. You may know her better as Jenny from the Block. We're talking about famous people who could be correctly nicknamed JLo. For example, Jonathan.


HINES: If I asked you, say Jonathan, what JLo played the characters Hannukah Harry and Tommy Flanagan, the pathological liar when he was a cast member on SNL? What would you say?

COULTON: I would say, Will, I would say, hey Will...

HINES: Yeah?

COULTON: You're talking about Jon Lovitz, or as I like to call him, JLo.

HINES: That's correct. So contestants, you get the picture. All the answers will be individuals with a first name that starts with the letter J and the last name starting with the letters L-O. Ring in when you know the answer. Whoever gets more right moves on to the Ask Me One More final round.

This JLo wrote the classic 1903 novel "The Call of the Wild". Sally.

DANKAS: Jack London.

HINES: That's correct.


HINES: This actress JLo is a fixture on television playing characters named Christine Campbell and Elaine Benes. Sally.

DANKAS: Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

HINES: That's correct.


HINES: In boxing, this JLo was the world heavyweight champion. Sally.

DANKAS: Joe Louis.

HINES: Joe Louis.


HINES: Next question. This philosopher JLo wrote of a person's right to life, liberty and a state years before Thomas Jefferson tweaked that phrase in 1776. Brian.

DANKAS: John Lock.

HINES: Correct.


HINES: The Brian contingent comes charging forward from the crowd. Once romantically tied to Drew Barrymore, this JLo starred with Barrymore in the 2009 movie "He's Just Not That Into You". Sally.

HERRICK: Justin Long.

HINES: Correct.


EISENBERG: Justin Long.

HINES: All right. Sally, you are the winner of that round. You're going to move on to the Ask Me Another One final round.

EISENBERG: [Unintelligible] for Sally. One more hand for Brian. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.