Inside WHQR: Gina Gambony Top Ten Finalist in Worldwide Radio Contest

Aug 17, 2016

With the guidance of a just a three-word theme: "Out of Range", KCRW's 4th Annual 24-Hour Radio Race challenged producers to create  a 4 minute story in only 24 hours. As if this challenge wasn't daunting enough, halfway through racers were given this twist for their stories: 

People look into the future and expect that the forces of the present will unfold in a coherent and predictable way, but any examination of the past reveals the circuitous routes of change are unimaginably strange. 

(Rebecca Solnit)

With over 100 entries from across the globe, WHQR's Gina Gambony piece, "Route 104" earned a spot as a Top Ten finalist. Winners – including the recipients of the Social Butterfly and UnFictional Awards – will be announced on the August 26 episode of KCRW’s UnFictional.

Find Gina Gambony's "Route 104" & the other finalist pieces HERE.

Gina Gambony's "Route 104" on SoundCloud.