Input On Access To The Water

Wilmington, NC – The North Carolina Waterfront Access Study Committee will be in Wilmington Thursday night to seek comments and concerns about public access to the water.

The committee is looking at management tools and tax incentives to maintain and preserve public access to the water.

Committee Chair Michael Voiland says every county with waterfront access is grappling with balancing rapid development pressure and a need for public access.

"There is concern that the high price of land will drive out or make it impossible for the government or other entities to maintain their access right on the waterfront."

Voiland says one idea is to create tax incentives to help property owners from getting taxed out of their land.

He says the Waterfront Access Study Committee will present a final report and recommendations to lawmaker in April.

The Thursday night meeting starts at 6:30pm in DeLoach Hall on the UNCW campus.