Horry County Mosquito Spraying

Wilmington, NC – In South Carolina, officials in Horry County are itching to rid the area of an increase in mosquito hatchings.

Horry County spokesperson Lisa Bourcier says the county is working to close the mosquito season with another phase of aerial spraying.

The county pays for the aerial mosquito spraying and Bourcier says this is the fourth year it has done this.

We have actually had a really mild mosquito season so we have not had a lot of rain this season, so we have not had a lot of hatch-offs, but with the recent rains with the tropical storm Ernesto that really has started a lot of hatch-offs in our area, so we have seen in the population increase in last two weeks.

Bourcier says each plane attempts to cover 10,000 acres per flight to eventually coat the 30,000 acre county.