Happier Bottoms In Kansas City, Mo.

Aug 26, 2012

Babies need diapers. But it's not always easy for low-income families who might have to choose between buying diapers or paying bills. Federal assistance programs do not pay for diapers, so if parents can't afford them, babies sit in soiled diapers. That's unhealthy, and it leads to fussier babies — which stresses out parents even more.

To help solve the problem, Jill Gaikowski began holding diaper drives in November 2009. Eventually nappies filled her basement and Kansas City's first "diaper bank" was born. HappyBottoms now has a warehouse and serves many agencies, resulting in happier bottoms — and happier families.

Tess Koppelman is a reporter for Fox 4 News in Kansas City and is on the board of HappyBottoms. She listens to KCUR.

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