Galactic Public Radio #1

A Sci-Fi Spoof of NPR.

Wilmington NC – From the creators of Star Wars, Star Trek, The Matrix, and The Splendid Table...

Comes the inspiration for GALACTIC PUBLIC RADIO!

What is the future of public radio? Find out as WHQR and ESP present this Sci-Fi satire of NPR's finest.

Through the miracle of the Time Wave Intercept for Radio Protocals (T.W.I.R.P.), ESP has recorded radio broadcasts originating in the year 3017.

It's a complex process, involving the Hubble Space Telescope, a Mr. Microphone, members of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, and something we found growing in WHQR Operations Manager George Scheibner's office. But we think the glimpse of tomorrow it provides is well worth it.

And as always, your Solar Credit donations are tax deductible under most planetary agreements with GPR.