Friday Feedback for September 28, 2012

Sep 28, 2012

My life has been vastly enriched by people with rather odd voices. -- Matt from Southport

Note: The Friday Feedback that aired on WHQR 9/28/12 was edited for length. This is the expanded version.

Last week we aired a strong criticism of the Diane Rehm show by listener Paul. It prompted a number of objections. Ian Brown of Wilmington wrote:

I appreciate the station's programing and the work you guys do for the community. I also want to stand up and say something in defense of the Diane Rehm Show. I have heard a few people criticize her show over the years I have listened.
It's really sad that people feel like they need bash the show and write it off simply because of her voice. Typically, she has well informed guests (though I certainly don't agree with all of them) and she herself presents information in a balanced, well worded way.
Listeners should really try to judge the show based on its content. The Diane Rehm show happens to be one of my favorites on your station. There is a reason why she has a huge following. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Listener Nancy wrote:

I heard on feedback this morning that one of your listeners was going to refuse to pledge as long as you continue to carry Diane Rehm because he can't stand her voice.
In my opinion, [Diane Rehm’s] is the best program on public radio with thoughtful, well-informed guests every day. Diane barely speaks, other than to move the discussion forward among her expert guests! … You can bill [my husband and me] for whatever that person is going to withhold!

Nancy, thank you for the offer to replace listener Paul’s contributions. You can send us a check for $0.00 at any time.

Matt from Southport wrote:

Really? I am surprised at how many negative responses are sent in to WHQR concerning the condition of Diane Rehm's voice. This is your main concern?
Personally, my life has been vastly enriched by people with rather odd voices: the nasal, whinny voice of Studs Terkel, the computerized voice of Stephen Hawking, the drone of Barry Goldwater, the awful attempt at singing by Bob Dylan, and the list goes on.
Please, as a listener, try to put aside your vein, petty, personal biases and just may learn something.

Al from Hampstead wrote:

Let me begin by saying WHQR, you are doing a superb job providing unbiased news and entertainment to our community, THANK YOU!! … Every Friday morning I experience a roller coaster of emotions while listening to “our” station. I feel happiness and hope for humankind after I listening to Story Corps, and then those emotions are dashed and replaced by anger and sadness at the quality of some people that populate our community after I listen to Friday Feedback.
The degree of narcissism, narrow mindedness, extreme condescension, self-righteousness that is expressed in their opinions during Friday Feedback is corrosive at best and not representative of the Southern Charm regardless of their accent! Their need to resort to blackmailing the radio station by threatening to withhold their contributions speaks volumes about their level of “conservatism”. …
For those that do not like the Diane Rehm show, get over it! It does not matter how many times you include, “Bless her heart”, in your feedback, you are insulting and offensive. Open up your minds, get past yourself and you will find a melting pot of ideas that will help you grow as a human being!!

On the other hand, listener Janie wrote on the Friday Feedback web story:

When the Diane Rehm show comes on....I turn off.


This is a long time listener of National Public Radio -- lived all over the state of North Carolina, recently moved to Wilmington …[and] wanted to let you guys know that you play entirely too much classical music. You should take a good hard look at Raleigh's 91.5 NPR  …  and try to emulate them, because every time I seem to turn it on it's either classical music or some other type of slow, depressing type music, as opposed to the quality programs that NPR has to offer. I'd really appreciate if you take the suggestion to heart, and rearrange your programming -- please. I've never heard such a worse National Public Radio. Thank you.

Listener Ron wrote:

I take great exception to [last] week's broadcast of [Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me]. This show has an obviously left-wing bias as evidenced by its "jokes" about Mitt Romney's campaign, which is a continuation of the political leanings of its panels. To start with they took the quote of the 47% video message out of context, which significantly altered what Governor Romney actually said in context.
Then Carl went on to absolutely insult the Governor by referring to him as a "jack-ass," when commenting on the missing two minutes.  No one mentioned the propriety of leaving out the two minutes, only emphasizing the mis-characterization of Governor Romney.
This is not only politically biased to the worst degree, but also insulting and not worthy of what is supposed to be a program of intelligent thought. I have come not to expect anything remotely favorable to anyone other than the liberals of the Democrat Party, most specifically Barack Obama, on NPR.
I understand that NPR represents commercially less popular radio programming, that why it has to be underwritten by public funding, but to use that funding which comes not only from my tax dollars, but also from the constant appeals for donations, is insulting to me.
This being said, I still do find the show somewhat humorous, my brain being significantly able to discern the difference between humor and sarcasm and factual statements, however [last week’s] broadcast was way over the top in political bias.
Should I await an official apology next week on this bad manners? I should think not. We cannot insult our enemies and everyone is quick to apologize to them, but our friends are a completely different matter.
Remember, Good manners are always in style.

Walter and Claudia Holmes of Leland get the last word. They say:

[We] Enjoy [WHQR] very much. A perfect mix.

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