Friday Feedback for October 5, 2012

Oct 5, 2012

Listener feedback sometimes puzzles and frustrates me. -- Donna from Shalotte

Note: the Friday Feedback that aired on 10/5/12 was edited for length. This is the original version.

Listener Rachel contacted us Saturday about a problem with Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – the program began with a repeat of the previous week’s show. WHQR along with a number of other stations were caught unawares by this error, which originated somewhere in the network and was impossible to fix in progress. It was quickly corrected, and the remaining 2 thirds of the show, as well as the Sunday repeat, went on as scheduled. Thanks, Rachel.

Anne Parke wrote on Wednesday:

This morning I heard a poem on your station before the 9 am news entitled "song for a daughter" or similar. I have tried to find reference to it on your site without success and would appreciate your help in directing me to where I can get the words of the poem and its author.

The segment Anne heard was Garrison Keillor's Writers Almanac, heard every weekday at 8:55 am. I referred her to the segment's website. The poem was indeed called "Song for a Daughter", by Ursula Le Guin.

Listener Patricia Elizabeth wrote:

[I was] finally getting around to sending my pledge when i inadvertently left NPR on and the news came on.... i was quite i made it a plan to listen to the news on NPR a few more times.......:(   I listen to this station for the following reasons.   a. Public Radio  b. Jazz at 1 pm  c.  Click and Clack and Wait Wait...d. Science Friday.  Since this is Publicly funded and also i know there are some Federal grants....i did not expect BIASED REPORTING!  I am registered Independent, and vote according to research regarding what is best , in  my opinion for the country, me and my state of residence.  I must state that Bias[ed] Reporting will cancel all further donations to NPR.......  :(  so sorry to say this... but someone, sometime must stand up for reporting which is reporting....unbiased, educated, and substantiating facts First!

Tristan Merediz in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina writes:

Thanks for great programming. I'm a bit of an NPR addict and have gotten hooked on WHQR since moving to Wilmington at the end of April. I'm really enjoying listening on line these days since I'm a few thousand miles away in central Argentina. Having access to good music plus local news and commentary makes a lot of difference.

As we get ready for Fall “Partnership Challenge” fund drive beginning next week, we’re hearing from a number of people making early bird pledges to win a trip to Bald Head Island or an iPad. Here’s a sample of some of their comments. Jeanne Price and Lou Criscuolo wrote:

[We] Love Jazz - also Jemila, Bob Workmon, Cleve, All Things Considered, Wait, Wait....,Car Talk, and the Classics!

Melissa Manley of Wilmington wrote:

Bring back Thistle & Shamrock!!! Car Talk SUCKS!

Martha and Gus Bachman wrote:

[We] Love Sunday Baroque. Thanks to announcers Jemila [Ericson] and Bob Workmon for the intelligent explanation of classical works.

Julie and Steve Martin wrote:

We love your local news coverage. Thanks for getting out there.

The last word goes to Donna Giles of Shallotte:

I'm finally going to write and express something that I experience almost every day, Monday-Friday, during the 1-2pm hour---joy, amazement, and gratitude for the wonderful choice of music played by the incomparable George Scheibner. His selections typically display such a deep musical intelligence and knowledge, and sometimes a sly sense of humor, too. The juxtaposition of certain pieces makes me laugh with delight and appreciation. More than feeling entertained, I usually learn something, too. So a big thank you to George and to the station that brings all this to me.
One more thing -- the listener feedback that Cleve Callison shares with us sometimes puzzles and frustrates me. For example those people who gripe about Diane Rehm's voice and how they will never contribute to the station again. Not only do I fail to understand how this intelligent woman's mild disability is so bothersome, but I don't understand letting something that small put you in a rage against a station that offers so much to so many, greatly enriching our community life. That's my $.02.
Thanks again for all the great work done by the hardworking, dedicated WHQR staff.

Thank you, Donna.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback, for your questions and comments, likes and dislikes about any aspect of the station. You can send us feedback by filling out a Comment below, by sending us an email message or by calling our Feedback line: 910-292-WHQR (9477). And thanks for your feedback.