Friday Feedback for October 4, 2103

Oct 4, 2013

Say hi to everyone for me. -- Duncan McFadyen

Listener Elizabeth wrote:

Bob Workmon never fails to make me smile. Of course he is always professional but his ability to add subtlety to his morning reading is greatly appreciated.  Case in point is the way he reads "In a World" as a voice over actor, is marvelous.

A listener who wants to remain anonymous sent this to our Feedback Comment Line:

I'm a pretty faithful listener to WHQR. I have a suggestion regarding the news on the hour. Sometimes it seems to be longer than others. Sometimes it's cut off after about 2 sentences… I would just suggest that you just let the second half play … -- the whole thing, it's only a minute or two, and I'm sure Jemila or one of them could do with a minute less. It wouldn't make that much difference, I don't think... So, take a whack at that, if you wouldn't mind. Thanks very much … [I] appreciate all the good music and information that you put on your show and your station. Thank you.

This is a peek-behind-the-curtain response: NPR provides stations with two back-to-back newscasts every hour: 3 minutes starting at one minute past the hour, followed by an additional 2 minutes (actually, 1 minute and 44 seconds, to allow time for a newscast funding credit). Stations are free to use either, both, or neither, as their needs dictate. In most hours we use both newscasts, for all 5 minutes. A few times a day we use only the first 3 minutes, to give us time for the Cultural Calendar, or in All Things Considered, for local newscasts. There’s an interesting article about the NPR News clock on a blog called – look for episode 88. We’ll have a link on the web version of this Friday Feedback, at

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Cathy Laramee wrote:

I like Science Friday and Fresh Air. Keep up the good work!

Kate and Brian Galligan wrote:

We love listening, especial afternoon programing/news. Though we miss Talk of the Nation and Neal Conan terribly!!!

Carolyn and Jim wrote:

We enjoy the humor and the intellectual level of your programs. Thank you.

Laura Dawson wrote:

I really enjoy the NPR headlines on my homepage on [my Google] Chrome [browser]. And recently, during my volunteer work at the local Food Bank, I became aware of the service your programming provides in the community. That is why I added my own class 'Food Physics and Body Dynamics' to a recent calendar post. I am grateful.

Nancy Geimer and Jeff Brown wrote:

NPR news programming is great. [We] especially love Wait-Wait and Diane Rehm also. [We]'d like to make sure this is part of the member challenge fund.

Thanks, Nancy and Jeff. Help ’em out at whqr-dot-org.

Duncan McFadyen, formerly of WHQR and now in Charlotte, wrote:

Hope things are well! Say hi to everyone for me [Hi, everyone]. I'm upping my donation and becoming a sustainer in memory of [beloved WHQR volunteer] Nancy Richardson.

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