Friday Feedback for November 4, 2011

Nov 4, 2011

This week's topics: WHQR's new website, programming questions, our contact info,  the "people" section, finding the web archives.

I recently heard a snippet of … an interview with a French man who I believe had written a book regarding Buddhism and science. I remember the woman saying the interview was available online, but I can't seem to find it…Thanks for any help you can give!


The show Beth is referring to is Krista Tippett on Being, heard Sundays at 6 pm. Last Sunday's show was about Matthieu Ricard, "the Happiest Man in the World." Here's the link.

We hope that this newly-designed website will assist listeners in the future in locating information such as this, although it may take some time for the database to return valid search results. Now Beth will be able to hear the entire show on-line.

Listener and long-time member Carol Barre sent us a question and a comment this week. She had missed an episode of Phil Furia’s Great American Songbook and wondered if she’s able to get it off the station’s website. The answer is that since that program contains music, it’s subject to more rights issues than a news story is. So, while we’re able to post news stories to the website, unfortunately we can’t do that with the Great American Songbook.

Carol also noted that she couldn’t find information she needed on our website:

There was a snail mail address and phone number plus a number for Friday feedback, but I didn’t want to use that; no email address. Eventually I found a link in your welcome that lead me to your staff page and noticed a little envelope icon. Kind of a treasure hunt, but seems like it could be simpler.”

We agree, and we’ve corrected the issue. You can find our contact information at the bottom of each webpage, in the Footer section, where we have physical and mailing address, phone numbers and an email link. We hope you’ve had a chance to sample the new website. We’re constantly tweaking it and would very much appreciate your reaction.

Here are some things people have said so far:

The new website looks great and it was very interesting to explore the "people" section and see photos and bios for all the folks at HQR. There's one local show that I very much enjoy, but didn't see a bio or photo for the host. Where's John Fonvielle's bio, the longtime host of Magnolia Fatback Folk Hour? I wasn't sure who to write to but hope that you can forward this to the web designer. Thanks for bringing us great radio!


The new website is great! Under WHQR people, namely Jemila, I got to listen to the 25th anniversary interview she had with [former WHQR staffers] Michael [Titterton] & Norman [Bemelmans]. It's something all long-time members should hear. Keep up the great work!

--Bob in Oak Island

It looks really great and very fresh. Very nice!

--Tanya Inabnit