Friday Feedback for May 25, 2012

May 25, 2012

Listener Shaun Colley wrote in response to a recent story produced by Amanda Greene of Wilmington Faith and Values:

As much as I enjoyed the information I found the story lacking.

First of all, what about the non-religious population growth? The religious growth seems to correspond to the population growth more than a shift in religious demographics. I am curious as to the percent growth of those who do not claim a religion, e.g.: agnostics, atheists and those who claim a lack of belief in the supernatural. Secondly I find many of the stories from Wilmington Faith and Values bias[ed] and focused exclusively on faith based groups with no mention of the percent of the population who have no faith. We do love to listen to WHQR and maybe 15 to 20 percent of the stories about religion should try to include people lacking one, since that is roughly the nonreligious population. I have not heard any comments on Friday Feedback and I was wondering if my wife and I were the only atheists listening to WHQR?

Chet Jordan in Lumberton wrote concerning our translator there:

And here we are again! Now that this is the 3rd day of static covering the audio, we also have the South Carolina station on in place of your station when the sound comes through.

A while later, Chet wrote back

I'm not certain how you did it, but the Lumberton translator is now working without static.

We've been aware for some time that the Lumberton translator is nearing the end of its useful life. It's not putting out anywhere near its allowed power, and the receive antenna which picks up our 91-3 signal is failing too, which allows South Carolina ETV Radio in Columbia to override us at times. We've been attempting to raise money in Lumberton to replace the equipment. It's not in our budget now, but we hope those fundraising results are successful soon.

Listener Michael Powell in Hampstead wrote:

I get in my vehicle around 7am each day and Morning Edition is there with my daughter and I as I head to drop her off at school. She prefers Disney Radio on Sirrius Satellite. However, we listen and discuss so many topics primed via WHQR. I know she will thank me in the future for choosing WHQR. I am thrilled to spend this time with my 10 year old Grace and public radio. She hops out at school and I continue to listen as I commute from Hampstead into Wilmington. I park and head to my office: a 33,000# GVWR Bulk CO2 tanker truck. I hop in, log into my electronic on board recorder tune the radio and morning edition is there for me in my work truck as well. MP3 player comes on duty 9am until 2pm when talk of the nation makes me smarter by the minute.

At 3 Diane Rehm and her brilliant guests take the stage in my world. I have to tell you. When this program first began airing I was 100% in the camp with people complaining about losing an hour of talk of the nation and asking "how" can i get through this shaky voice day in and day out. I have seen the light. This show is an excellent addition to a superb lineup at WHQR. Wife disagrees as her commute home begins at 3pm. She feels topics are just too heavy and political. What do you expect I explain to her from a show originating from D.C. As my day winds down I am so thankful to have ATC there to keep me updated and informed. Now on my extra long workdays I get the pleasure of 30 mins of Marketplace and every once and a while I drive home with a smooth landing.

Many weekends when I am on call I get to catch Click and Clack on Car Talk. Now those guys are a RIOT. Thank you so much to the fine people at WHQR and Public Radio. You folks will never know how many lives you touch with your true talents and hard work!! PS: I can't leave out Friday Feedback. Every week I yell, laugh, compliment and complain right along with the thousands of fellow WHQR listeners. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

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