Friday Feedback for May 24, 2013

May 24, 2013


I’ve spent some time this week looking over some the comments made by listeners when they pledge at Here’s a sample:

Eldon of Myrtle Beach wrote:

I enjoy the music offerings and the educated radio personalities I encounter, no matter the time or day. Even 'Car Talk' is a welcome change from the idiotic chatter that clutters most every other option on the air.

Christopher of Leland wrote:

Life would be more difficult and dark without the excellent news reports and guest interviews we have come to rely from all the NPR stations we've had the pleasure to support from Philly to Corning NY to Erie Pa. and in between over the years.

Doug of Wilmington wrote:

I miss the second hour of 'Talk of the Nation.' I have two NPR stations on my Sirius radio in my car, so I listen to quite a few shows that way. I'm completely over 'Car Talk' at this point. I can't imagine a reason to listen to reruns of that show.

Dave of Wilmington wrote:

Really enjoy the News/features programs & the 1-2pm music. [I] Sometimes wish there were more sports, especially local/state.

Margaret of Wilmington wrote:

Great Programming and getting better with few exceptions. I'd rather go back to 2 hours of talk of the nation vs. the Diane Ream Show, which seams controversial among your listeners. (I didn't know conservatives even listened to NPR.) But more importantly, please see what you can do about adding Star-Date. It's a great minute of information about our night skies, easily enjoyed by the pleasant weather in our area. Every other place I've ever lived has had that on their NPR stations and I miss it greatly.

Joshua of Wilmington wrote:

I have always loved the program selection and the line up from WHQR. Although satellite radio is now the preferred in car signal received, our public radio is by far better than the non-terrestrial channel(s) offered.

Laura of Wrightsville Beach wrote:

As WHQR is a public radio, I object to taxpayers’ money being used for political programs such as Diane Rehm's. Otherwise, it is definitely my favorite spot on the dial.

Efraim of Wilmington wrote:

My wife and I left upstate NY to move south in Nov 2012 and WHQR was a big reason we chose Wilmington.

Shannon of Wilmington wrote:

WHQR keeps me informed AND entertained! And the variety of programming is absolutely perfect for me: the humor of Wait, Wait and CarTalk, the news in Talk of the Nation and All Things Considered, and the glorious music of the MET and American Songbook and Jemila's program. I personally cannot thank you enough!

Sally of Wilmington wrote:

I learn so much from Diane Rehm. That program is my most valued, among all of NPRs excellent news programs that you carry. Thank you for providing multiple (credible) perspectives on the tough issues facing the nation and world.

Tom of Southport wrote:

The more Classical Music, the better.

Justin of Wilmington wrote:

WHQR is a part of my daily life … If I had my rathers, I'd truncate the mid-morning classical and offer more news and opinion programs; however, I am very pleased with WHQR's offerings, regardless. Keep up the good work!

Ermilia of Hampstead wrote:

I just moved across the country from San Diego, CA. Listening to public radio on KPBS was a regular part of my day. I'm so glad to have found public broadcasting in my new town. WHQR is the best way to get information on local events.

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