Friday Feedback for May 23, 2014

May 23, 2014

Ken Campbell
Credit WHQR Staff
I am pretty totally reliant on you, and you seldom disappoint. -- Betty

Listener Jeannie wrote:

We have really enjoyed the new morning announcer… Lovely voice. Smooth delivery. Congratulations!

We're also glad to have Ken Campbell on board as our new Morning Edition anchor. Ken will be working on that show and on CoastLine, our new local talk show which will debut on June 24th. You can find out more at; look for People under the About tab.

Listener Chet Jordan from Lumberton wrote yesterday morning:

New problem today - Static so heavy that I cannot hear NPR.  Normally the static is weak enough that I can still hear the news. Not today.

I wrote back to Chet that our main transmitter went down yesterday morning due to a power failure a the transmitter site. When that happens there is no signal for the Lumberton translator to pick up and re-transmit. We have two backups, actually -- a very low-power one in downtown Wilmington and a more powerful one in Brunswick County, which was also affected by the power outage. When the main transmitter goes down, our HD signals are lost but our streaming on the web is normally unimpaired. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Hello, my name is Gene. I'm a listener living in Leland, North Carolina. Two points. 1. You play classical music and I don't know if those listeners that listen to classical music are very good consistent donors, but I see that that music choice is not building and growing a new generation of leaders, of contributors and members. That was my experience in California. Second point would be there was a story today about the film industry and I found it being, sorry to say, a puff piece. I would have rather heard how much money is netted from the film industry, how much money is put into subsidizing incentives and some economic analysis -- some more facts on this debate of whether they should be subsidizing, maybe a comparison to what other states. Particularly some people talking on the story this morning mentioned Atlanta. Well, how much do they subsidize film? How much do some surrounding states subsidize film? Thank you very much.

Listener Marti wrote:

[I] love [the] station [and] think [the] announcers are very professional…I like the group on air during pledge drives. Seems like they're a fun group. [I] Don't like splendid table, pipe dreams, Diane R show. Local short commentaries are good but played too often in a single day.

Anonymous wrote:

Be sure to balance national shows and plenty of local programs.

Carroll wrote:

I like the voices I hear on WHQR. I also appreciate the increase in community involvement. I have been listening for a long time, and things seem good now, although I have always enjoyed the station. I don't expect to love every single program, but I think the overall mix is very nice.

Anonymous wrote:

[I] Love the local programming. There is so much talent in this community and WHQR is a great place to showcase it and share it with a larger audience.

Listener Betty wrote:

I am pretty totally reliant on you, and you seldom disappoint.

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