Friday Feedback for June 6, 2013

Jun 7, 2013

A posed group of dancers in the original production of Igor Stravinsky's ballet The Rite of Spring, showing costumes and backdrop by Nicholas Roerich.

Listener Steve of Richmond, Virginia wrote about last week's Soup to Nuts concert:

Lightnin James was great, though I have to agree with George [Scheibner] about him looking so young. I bought two of his CD's, one for me and one to share with one of the hosts of WCVE's blues show here in Richmond. It was also fun to wander through the [MC Erny] gallery before the show and look at the art on the walls. Benjamin Billingsley's pieces were amazing. The five pieces on the front wall were my favorites, especially the print block in the center. Already looking forward to our next visit in July.

Last week I read a comment from listener Graves about language the writer felt inappropriate on Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion. Don Eggert wrote on our website in response:

I'm a very long time listen to PHC & don't recall any inappropriate language although admittedly that's in the minds of the beholder. I wonder what he/she was referring to?

Jonathan Gore wrote:

I miss the second hour of Talk of the Nation. The Diane Rehm Show adds nothing to WHQR's multifaceted staging of views. I feel I get much more out of the second hour of Talk of the Nation (I especially miss the second hour of science Friday — more science programs would make up for WHQR's distinct lack of programs lack in that area).

Listener Elizabeth wrote:

I have been fortunate over the past two years to be able to spend time at WHQR as a volunteer. Hanging out with the voices usually trapped in my car and home, proved to me what talent and energy exists at our station. It is an honor to be here for a few hours with the great staff that make the magic happen here in South East North Carolina. Thanks.

Listener Grace wrote:

I absolutely love when Gwenyfar Rohler is on air- especially last Friday's story of  her "Secret Garden". It inspired me to read the book to my 6 year old daughter- thank you so much- just a lovely story!

Listener Virginia wrote:

I listen regularly to WHQR and enjoy NPR News, local news, Car Talk, and other programs. I am really tired of hearing about the WHQR Vehicle Donation Program! The announcement about it is too long, and I about have it memorized because I have been forced to listen to it so many times. Please stop! Why not use that time to direct listeners to the many features on your website, which includes information about how to make donations. Listeners who have a spare car, truck, or boat to donate are few and far between. PLEASE - give us a break from this repetitive announcement.

In response, I'll note that the Vehicle Donation Program, while not the major source of income for the station, is a significant source of revenue that enables us to balance our budget. We do try to rotate promotional announcements so as not to tire listeners. Studies have shown that it would take 60 announcements per week just to reach half the audience just three times. Thank you for the comment.

Listener Ben wrote:

Is there a way to know ahead of time what the topics are going to be for Science Friday this week, or any week in the future? Sometimes I don't know whether or not I want to actually listen or call in depending on the actual topic!

The answer is yes. You can go to our website, whqr-dot-org, and look for Science Friday under the Programs tab and follow the links. Or go to NPR-dot-org and search under programs.

Last week we commemorated the 100th anniversary of one of the game-changing music works of the 20th century. Listener Bill wrote:

I'm thrilled to be listening to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring in its entirety on WHQR this morning. It's an astonishing, magnificent piece of music and always gets my heart pumping. Thanks for airing it.

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