Friday Feedback for July 27, 2012

Jul 27, 2012

WHQR was one of the pluses in our decision to retire to the Wilmington area from Arkansas. Thank you for being here.
-- Peter and Virginia Perschbacher

Listener Ken Brooks commented on our website about some listener feedback from last week. He writes:

Re the Terri Ross comment. Yes, the incorrect 91 3 now compounded by the incorrect 98 9 still gets up my nose, and I suspect the noses of many others. This unnecessary and seemingly arrogant change was questioned by several listeners at the time. I have been a member for 19 years and now find that 91 3 bugs me so much that I am starting to switch over to another classical local station just to avoid it. Your explanation for the change was ridiculous at best. All the other stations I listen to use the correct station frequency, which includes "point".

Listener GravesLewis wrote:

What happened to the translator in Jacksonville?

Unfortunately, that translator is not now available to WHQR. We did not own that one; we were programming it thanks to an arrangement with the owner, a religious broadcaster. The translator is need of repair and it's not clear what the owner's plans are. The good news for most Jacksonville listeners is that our main signal at 91-3 still gets into the city pretty well.

Two listeners wrote to agree with Pauletta’s comment of 2 weeks ago expressing a desire for the return of On Being. Listener Barie wrote:

I agree with Pauletta. TED hour is nice but I don't think it should have replace On Being, which is one of my favorite shows.

Listener Pam notes

I like TED Radio Hour, too. Can you air both?

I wrote in reply that it's the age-old dilemma. When we add a show, we must take one off the air to make room for it. So that's part of the equation. That, and the fact that every show is someone's favorite. TED is not a permanent addition, since it's only a 13-week show. But there are other shows being created by NPR and others that deserve a chance to be heard. Sunday evening is a good time for such a showcase. Thanks to all for the comments on TED and On Being.

And thank you to the listener who first alerted us to the fact that our HD2 all-classical signal was off the air this week. That was a result of a lightning strike in Wednesday’s storm that damaged some of our equipment. We’ll make updates to items like that on our website, our Facebook site and through Twitter.

Peter and Virginia Pershbacher wrote:

I’ll close with a few more comments from our recently-concluded summer drive.

Syble Solomon and Bob Gimpel call WHQR

A local treasure!

Dom and Cindy Perno of Kure Beach wrote:

Our lives are enriched by WHQR.

Christine Thompson of Leland wrote:

Keep plugging away.

Susan Bales said:

I just started a new business and it helps me get through the long nights. I would prefer an alternate to classical. My Irish setters listen to the station also.

The following announcement is just for Susan's dogs:

Oh, wait. I guess the rest of you couldn't hear that.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback, for your questions and comments, likes and dislikes about any aspect of the station. We’re on Facebook and Twitter. You can also send us feedback with an email message. And we have a new number for our Feedback line: 910-292-WHQR (9477). And thanks for your feedback.