Friday Feedback for July 11, 2014

Jul 11, 2014

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Paul Reinman wrote last week during the hurricane:

It was great to hear local reporting of our storm threat on national NPR radio. Rachael Lewis Hilburn’s voice was easily recognized and I thought it was a local broadcast, and then was surprised to hear this was a voice on a national presentation. Good job! And then, it is always, great to hear George Scheibner’s music following. Paco Strickland will always be recognized as a great local performer.

Anonymous wrote on our recent survey:

Questionable changes? "Ninety-one three" (Really?), Friday Feedback (cherry-picking by your manager), constant rollover of afternoon hosts.

Listener Anne wrote:

While I am not a big fan of classical music, I have to say it is growing on me. I do enjoy Midday Café, Smooth Landing and Great American Songbook very much, and would appreciate more programming along those lines.

Listener Katie wrote:

I don't like writer's almanac at 9, it usually indicates when I turn the radio off for the morning. I love waking up to WHQR in the morning.

Anonymous wrote:

I LOVE local programming, esp the segments Rachel and her capable interns contribute. Speaking of interns, can you include bio info about them on your website as you do for the permanent staff? Diane Rehm is one of my favorite programs. The longer, more in-depth exploration of subjects is what makes NPR special and worth my financial support. For those that support at a day sponsor level, can you add their tribute to the website for a short period of time? [And] Let's make WHQR the non-partisan place to go for election coverage.

When I heard the following, I couldn’t help thinking of Artemus Ward, the pen name of Charles Farrar Browne, a 19th-century American humorist. Taking note of the … shall we say, tender sensibilities of his audience, he is supposed to have ended some of his essays with “This is writ ironic.”


Hi. This is Bob Weinstein. I really want to thank you for including more and more blues in your program. You make a very welcome counterpoint. Also, as long as you're sliding down the slippery slope away from pure classical, I've added now, jazz and blues. Maybe you'd consider a little bit of rock and roll. Maybe add some used car advertisements and some mattress set [?] advertisements. Anyway, thanks for the Blues. Bye bye.

Rolahnd wrote:

I wish I did not live in a public radio wasteland. I cannot pick up your station over the air but live on the outer fringes of three others.

Listener Rick wrote:

We truly enjoy most of the programming. WHQR is essential to the community and society in general.

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