Friday Feedback for January 20, 2012

Jan 20, 2012

[A section of this post and corresponding audio has been deleted that incorrectly identified a contest winner's prize].

Last week I read a number of comments from listeners who had bones to pick with us. This week, we’ve had many fewer comments, and I used the opportunity to go back and see what people wrote to us who contacted us by web pledges during our one-day drive in December. And that reminds me to address an issue I have heard a number of people ask about, and that’s the selection of comments to read.

As I see it, I have no agenda to push when recapping people’s comment. One: If most of the comments are negative, as was the case last week, that’s what you’ll hear. Two: please don’t assume that reading a given comment means either that I agree or disagree with it. Three: If a comment has a question, I reserve the right to answer it, briefly I hope, if I think that other listeners might benefit from the answer. Four: I never assume that a comment represents anything other than one opinion from one listener, period.

So, let’s get started. Kimberly Bruton says:

[I] Love all the Saturday morning shows, especially Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me!

Jeff and Claudia Smith of Wallace say:

Liked it when Talk of the Nation lasted 2 hours.

Bonnie Seashore of Carolina Beach says:

[I] Wish I could give more, but every little bit helps build the future. [I’m] New to the area and WHQR is what I listen to first each morning. [I] Love it!

Christopher Tunstall of Leland says:

I love to hear all the great stories that are happening in places other than the US. We need more globally aware citizens and you help accomplish that!

Joseph Bowman and Leah Yetter say they prefer

All thing considered, car talk, wait, wait, and Sunday Baroque.

Deborah Flora says:

[I] Love it.

William Clark listens

every morning, every evening, if I’m in town. Thanks.

Jeff Brown and Nancy Geimer say:

Love Wait,Wait and all the news--mainly want to pledge in support of Diane Rehm show today. Also glad this is helping Habitat ( I’ve been a habitat Hopebuilder for as long as I can recall...).

Elizabeth Freeman says:

I generally love the programming--the local news reporting is excellent. LOVE the serious talk, and the humorous Wait Wait even more. Wish there was a lot more jazz (skip the Blues!!!) Love Phillip Furia['s Great American Songbook]...!

Gary Lang says:

It just keeps getting better and better!

Marie and Tom Hemphill of Supply say:

We both love public radio. I drive 2 hours per day to work and always listen!

Margil and Reneee Parker say:

Less Performance Today on Saturday please!!!

Performance Today has been replaced during the Metropolitan Opera season by live broadcasts from the Met.

Daniel Sanchez says:

Thank you, WHQR!

And finally one from an anonymous caller, from Britain and homesick in Wilmington:

Thank you for the extra hour of the BBC at 6 am Sunday morning. It reminds me of home.

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