Friday Feedback for January 11, 2013

Jan 11, 2013

There's a new yet familiar voice with us this week, hosting All Things Considered. As listener Jeff wrote:

It's great to hear Jeremy Loeb back with us.

Jeremy is a UNCW grad, and a former intern with WHQR who later worked at WUNC in Chapel Hill and in Washington, DC. We're delighted to welcome him back to the late afternoon shift.

Thank you so much for adding Radiolab. -- Georgia

And we're also very grateful to our intern Asia Brown, who did a terrific job on the show for the last several months. You'll hear more of Asia elsewhere on the station. So, welcome Jeremy and thanks, Asia!

Listener JHester left this comment on our website:

I propose a three month news blackout on Congress starting now. If they don't get news coverage, they might behave better.  Besides, who wants to hear the next quarter's trench warfare details? No reporting, no pressure. Let them work without the benefits of public outrage/approval and see if they can find a way to work together.

Jayann in Conway, who listens to our Myrtle Beach signal on 98-9, contacted us this week about a signal outage. I talked to her to try to determine the issue, but by the time we spoke she could hear us again. Later that day she wrote:

You are the best radio station and people ever!!!! Thank you.

Thank you, Jayann.

Listener Georgia Maestroieni wrote:

I would like to thank you so much for adding Radiolab to your Sunday schedule. A friend of mine had introduced me to the program last year and I have loved it ever since. I'm thrilled that Wilmington can now enjoy it on Sunday evenings. Please, please, please keep Radio Lab as a part of your regular rotation!

A number of listeners sent in year-end gifts before January 1, and several left comments for us. For example, listener Claud sent a generous contributions and wrote:

Cut down the classical music offering[s]. There are so many other types of music that are more interesting and many other programs. I moved from [the Virginia/DC] ares and it is very disappointing to see how limited WHQR has to offer here in Wilmington. We like Diane Rehm, All things considered, fresh air, this American Life, Planet Money, Science Friday, Talk of the Nation, etc.

David from Wilmington wrote:

[I] Love your programming, especially Wait, Wait, Don't tell Me. Would like to hear more local/regional music played at night. Thank you for your hard work.

John Cunningham from Winnabow wrote:

It's the best broadcast source for news and information in southeastern North Carolina.

Ellen from Rocky Point wrote:

George Scheibner is the greatest!! We enjoy Smooth Landing, Soup to Nuts Live, Fatback Fold hour and ALL the News shows.

Listener John wrote:

We live in New York but have a home on Bald Head Island and we are lucky enough to be on Bald Head, we count ourselves lucky to be able to listen to WHQR.

Listener Harold of Hampstead -- and doesn't that name come right out of a novel by Sir Walter Scott -- wrote:


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