Friday Feedback for December 16, 2011

Dec 16, 2011

The week after a fund drive is a very good one for getting lots of feedback. Listeners who called or wrote in to our one-day drive on December 8th had some interesting comments for us and for our partners, Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity. For every pledge, Build Pro donated a standard 2x4 to be used to construct a Habitat house next spring.

Robert Sherman and Lucy Sherman of Hampstead said:

Leave the BBC alone.

Deborah Ullmer of Wilmington said:

I listen to it every am and my husband and I don’t know what we would do without it.

Ann and Wayne Marquino of Wilmington said:

[the] entire family loves Ira Flatow on Science Friday. Would love to hear it again for 2 hours on Fridays.

Jeff and Claudia Smith of Wallace said:

I Liked it when Talk of the Nation lasted 2 hours.

Anita Liebscher and Barry Lantz of Wilmington said:

[We] love the station and what you do for the community.

Stuart Point and Cristine Point of Wilmington said they:

Love having Diane Rehm; Christine listens every morning as she wakes up.

Bonnie Seashore of Carolina Beach said:

Wish I could give more, but every little bit helps build the future. New to Wilmington and WHQR is what I listen to first each morning. Love it!

Christopher Tunstall of Leland said:

I love to hear all the great stories that are happening in places other than the US. We need more globally aware citizens and you help accomplish that!

Aimee Parker and Robert Parker of Wilmington said:

We appreciate WHQR and like the connection to Habitat for Humanity.

Fry Smith of Hudgins said:

I love Smooth Landing and the am commertator Bob Workmon gets the day going!

Laura Hunter of Leland said:

My 4 yr old learning about public radio on his ride to school each am!

John Frye and Cathy Frye of Wilmington said:

I commute 1 hour both to and from work everyday and WHQR is my constant companion.

Cynthia Trowbridge of Raleigh said:

I enjoy it every time I come down to the beach from Raleigh.

Philip Stine of Wilmington said:

Greatest station in the country.

Eldon Bruce Miller of Myrtle Beach said:

I always love to listen to Pat Mariott.

Susan Savia of Winnabow said:

I love WHQR, it’s my favorite radio station, and my favorite radio personalities. The programming is exceptional.

Wendy Richards of Southport said:

Happy to find WHQR after moving from Southern Cal. Especially likes Mid Cafe. She was a host of a program in the past.

Diana Hill of Wilmington said:

I wish you would bring back Sound and Spirit, but I love everything else!

Jim Downey and Lisa Coats of Wilmington said:

The best Public Radio station on the east coast.

June Bair of Wilmington said:

I love it! and enjoy the HD station as well.

Donald Jebo of Carolina Beach said:

You've improved our quality of life!

Henry Pete Erbe and Dana Erbe of Leland said:

WHQR is outstanding.

Jeff Brown and Nancy Geimer of Wilmington said:

Love Wait,Wait and all the news--mainly want to pledge in support of Diane Rehm show today. Also glad this is helping Habitat (I’ve been a Habitat Hopebuilder for as long as I can recall...)

Bradford Field and Mary Lee Field of Wilmington said:

Now that there is another classical music station in town, perhaps it is time to reevaluate the amount of talk radio.

Douglas Wall and Ann Wall of Wilmington said:

Support local radio, especially George’s programs.

Marie Hemphill and Tom Hemphill of Supply said:

We both love public radio. I drive 2 hours per day to work and always listen!

Robert Sutton of Carolina Beach said:

I really enjoy the news programming that you have, especially since it’s usually so unbiased.

Linda Strauss of Burgaw said:

I enjoy the commercial free programming.

Margil R. Parker and Renee of Wilmington said:

Less Performance Today on Saturday please!!! [PT has since been replaced by the Metropolitan Opera - ed.]

Beth Sedlock of Wilmington said:

I just did a cross-country trip last year, wanted to hit as many national parks as possible. Between my CDs and public radio, I sang all the way. I LOVE public radio!

Christopher Halkides of Wilmington said:

Decline in standards but am pledging in spite of it. #1 heavier on news and talk  #2 like all music but in classical area, there is a move to play single movements...would like to hear the whole thing."

Ellen Hargrave of Wilmington said:

There is absolutely nothing like WHQR. I keep it on in the car and in the house all the time.

Alyssa Travis of Southport said:

Allie from Southport wants to know if the Splendid Table can be moved to later in the day so she can enjoy her favorite show at a reasonable time!

Mark Milner of Wilmington said:

Thank God for WHQR!

Louis Difelice of Wilmington said:

I’ve been a listener for 20 years!

Donn Ansell of Winnabow said:

Rob [Zapple] threatened my life if I didn’t call. (I wake up and go to sleep with WHQR)

Kathy Foster of Wilmington, a Realtor, said:

WHQR is the best house warming gift for my clients!

Janet Mills of Wilmington said:

Thanks for a great job! And thank you to Steve Caudill at ProBuild!

Richard Weisman and Michelle Bannon of Wilmington said:

Love the piano puzzler on Wednesday nights on Performance Today.

Mark Jabaley and Marianna Jabaley of Wilmington said:

I am very happy [about] Diane Rehm. Please break up the classical monopoly and add more world diverse music!

Deborah Smith Marez of Bolivia said:

I am a mail carrier and love those Saturday deliveries because I can listen to Car Talk. (she uses her own car for deliveries).

Barton Hatcher of Wilmington said:

Any time I hear Rob I get excited and have to call in!