Friday Feedback for August 24, 2012

Aug 24, 2012

Listener Blaine says:

More bluegrass! I am from the mountains.

Rinda left a web comment on Jemila Ericson's interview with Cathy and Bill Furpless of the Historic Amuzu Theatre in Southport, hosting Rock ‘n Roll Is Here to Stay!:

Loved your interview! Both of you sound great on the radio! Can't wait to see the show!! Love that era of music!

Listener Richard Veit wrote:

Rachel Lewis Hilburn did not give the full picture Tuesday when she reported that people in more religious states donate a greater portion of their income to charity than people in less religious states. Of course church-goers contribute to their churches, and nonreligious people do not, but that doesn't mean the latter are less generous. What Ms. Hilburn did not mention from the study was that people in less religious states give more to secular charities such as cancer research and public radio than do their Bible-Belt counterparts.

Delthea Simmons, who says she writes 'from the wilds of Pender County', also wrote on this topic:

While I do not remember the report stating straight out that religion cause[s] charitable giving, that did seem … to be the implication. You seem to over look another correlation, poverty. The most religious parts of our nation also tend to be the poorest parts of the country. Poor people, being poor and dependent on each other, tend to be more empathetic, more knowledgeable of need, and by extension more generous. This is not [to] say that religion in no way makes one more generous, but it does say more than explanation is possible. And do keep in mind, these same religious regions held to Jim Crow, were late to full public education, and see worker's rights as antithetical to worker job security. History shows while religion can produce a Martin Luther King or a Gandhi, it's not a sure bet.

SG left a web comment on Rachel’s story on cement kilns in North Carolina:

thank you WHQR for covering this national story that has real implications for our coastal community.

This is from Sandy Evans, President of the North Carolina Jazz Festival (Sandy is also a volunteer at WHQR):

Excellent [web] article by Bob [Workmon] about an excellent program by Willard [Fields]. Next step would be better time slots for this jazz show. Local jazz lovers are very happy with George Scheibner's program, Mid-Day Cafe which features wonderful jazz standards, and would also enjoy hearing the different styles of jazz presented by Willard at an earlier time (before they fall asleep!). Thanks for making jazz a larger part of the WHQR programing.

Janie Paone wrote about a recent commentary on porch frogs:

Thank you so much, Andy Wood, what a beautiful commentary this morning.

Janie and Chuck also wrote about George Scheibner, who is still recuperating but who returned to the air this week:

… so happy to hear your voice, again. You're the best. Just take it easy....ya gotta long way to slide…..

Lala B also wrote:

Sooo glad to hear your voice this evening, George! You're an important part of my every day, and I have missed you dearly. All my best to you!

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