Friday Feedback For April 6, 2012

Apr 6, 2012

Listener Joe Lynne wrote:

Cleve's constant, never-ending "thank yous" to the 1754 donors for this past pledge drive are worse than listening to a broken record...

It's the final extension of the mythical 7-day drive.  Mythical because it begins a good 2 weeks earlier, with continual announcements and pleas for early pledges on line.  Then we endure at least 7 days, and in this past case, an additional day the following week, also ballyhoo'd for all the days before that Tuesday.  NOW we're being rewarded with Cleve's "thank you" loop 2 or 3 times an hour a day and now two days AFTER the extended drive ended. Will it ever end?  Has he seen "Ground Hog Day"?  Perhaps he might consider phoning the 1754 donors instead of annoying the listening public ad nauseum - literally.

Listener Digby Delgado wrote:

If I could be Boss of Bosses of WHQR …"I would: … move the Diane Rehm program to 10 a.m. (live) daily; if this isn't possible, move it to 10 p.m. instead …. I enjoy Jemila Ericson and also the live Metropolitan Opera performances very much; however, I would surely reduce some of the classical music during the 9-to-noon weekday segment, and I could probably do without Sunday Baroque entirely…. [on Saturday], I probably wouldn't change anything there, even though Prairie Home Companion is not the same as it used to be many yeas ago.

Last week’s comment from a listener about – quote – “scary church music” – unquote – on Sunday mornings drew a flurry of responses. With one exception, all were strongly in support of the program “With Heart and Voice.” That one exception was a writer who heartily dislikes both Heart and Voice and Pipedreams on Sundays. More typical were these:

Robin Spinks of Wrightsville Beach wrote:

I am sorry that others are scared of the beautiful classical choral music you play on Sunday morning. For me, it has the opposite effect. I grew up with this beautiful music at church and it is a source of great joy, peace and comfort to me. Thank you.

Nell Smith wrote:

I sing in the choir at First Presbyterian Church… As far as I am concerned, [the writer is] to be pitied because they will never know the joy and uplifting that beautiful music can bring to one's soul. Please, don't ever take those programs off the air. You will never know how much they are appreciated.

Since we did complete our One-Day Wrap-Up on Tuesday (and we do thank you for that!), here’s a sample of comments that have come in since the last Feedback:

Tom Reedy and Carol Kirby of Southport wrote:

The more Classical music, the better!

Gregory Kearney of Whiteville wrote:

I would like to hear more jazz and blues.

Katie Stewart-Taylor of Burgaw wrote:

[I] Love “This American Life”. I use it in my middle school library to give my students practice in understanding information in audio formats.

Sue Jameson wrote:

[I] Love Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Phil Furia is a treasure, and I feel so lucky he is one of our own.

Joseph Cloherty wrote:

I like opera but prefer conversation/news.

Barbara Reed of Southport wrote:

Your contributions are down because of the advent of the Radio Station 95.9 which plays ONLY classical music (with some interruptions) and asks for no support. It is nice to listen to in the car. It will be a challenge for you now and in the future.

Martha and Gus Bachman wrote:

[I] Love the educated approach of the “DJs” for classical music - your competitor classical station can't hold a candle to Jemila, Bob and others. Thanks for a wonderful staff.

Marina DeRatmiroff wrote:

Your programming is sensational - thank you for all of your charm and hard work. Waking up to Bob Workmon every morning is a treat! The cultural calendar is fantastic, as are the weekend shows. … [they] are the reasons why my house is clean!

Polly Shaver of Carolina Beach wrote:

Had THE most stressful Monday morning in years. Hearing George and Ella Fitzgerald at 1:10pm nearly made me cry but oh, how soothed I felt. By 1:26pm hearing Glenn Miller's “Chattanooga Choo-choo” I am almost recovered … this was worth paying for.

Jean Peterken wrote:

I've been listening since I came to Wilmington in 2004 and prior to that for many years in Atlanta. I wish you all success. …  Regular public radio programming creates “driveway moments” and is far preferable and constantly improving” D[iane] R[ehm] is the ONLY time I switch off.

Stephen Preston of North Topsail Beach wrote:

[I’d like] better reception in North Topsail. [A] Competing radio station makes you hard to hear.

Glenn Dodson wrote:

I've been a public radio guy since I was a volunteer announcer at WUNC in the late '70's. Love all the programming, but I do miss the second hour of Talk of the Nation.

Maria McIntyre and John Hazelton wrote:

Thank you for your tireless efforts in bringing quality public radio to our region. I very much appreciate your bringing the Diane Rehm show WHQR. … It would be wonderful to have it played live, for the full 2 hours, in the morning. Wait Wait and Car Talk are favorites at our house. We would love to hear less baroque and more variety in music in the day or evenings. Smooth Landing is a gem. Thank you for your service and dedication.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback, for your questions and comments, likes and dislikes about any aspect of the station. You can also send us feedback with with an email message. Or call our Feedback Phone: 910-292-WHQR (9477). And thanks for your feedback.