Friday Feedback for April 20, 2012

Apr 20, 2012

Listener Francesco wrote: "I am a European living in Wilmington, and I listen to NPR. Sometimes I ask myself how it is possible that in America Jazz is so little broadcast?..."

Especially on week ends when there is so little to watch on tv at night. Yes because Jazz is the music for the night!  Instead classical music covers most of the day and nights. It's really strange that people have to hope to listen to Jazz in America, the country where Jazz was born!

Alex Brewington wrote:

Aside from waking up, petting the dog, and setting the kettle to boil; Jemila's show is the most beautiful part of my day.

Listener Leslie wrote:

I have been a faithful listener and contributor to WHQR since moving to Wilmington more than 20 years ago. I regularly listen to Morning Edition, and one of my favorite parts used to be the small stories they ran on the half hour. About a year ago, these disappeared. Since you have said several times that NPR stories are not cut to insert the station sponsor notifications, I assumed that NPR had stopped doing these stories. However, I recently was listening in another area and discovered this is not true. WHQR is choosing to block these stories, and most of the time what is being said is "coming up on Morning Edition......" I do not need to know what is coming up, and I assuming anybody already listening will continue that day. Please drop the "Coming up" ads and bring back the great "shorts."

Leslie is right, those light 30-second "kickers" at half past the hour in Morning Edition could be called program elements, though we don’t consider them NPR stories. So it could be said we are covering some up for local material (weather forecasts, Day Sponsor announcements, Cultural Calendar and others). In order to establish set times for Day Sponsors, we chose 7:30 and 8:30 as the standard slots. This has been much appreciated by our Day Sponsors and regular scheduling is an important way to solidify this very important service. It would not be possible to run them and the kicker in the same break on most days, so we have been silently omitting them as a matter of course.

Steve Cole wrote:

We are big fans of WHQR. We live in Vienna, Austria, and are only occasionally back in Wilmington, but we also listen to you over the Internet in Vienna.

Long-time listener David wrote:

When are you going to develop [a smartphone app] like Chapel Hill did? We live on a fringe area of your broadcast output and if you had an APP for our IPHONE, IPAD (WiFi only) then it would be great. Thanks.

The cost of developing such a robust application can be quite high, and it's too much our current budget. However, other apps like Public Radio Player or the NPR News app can easily connect to the WHQR stream on Apple or Android products. We'll try to get some more information on our website about this soon.

Carolyn Stayer wrote after she won tickets to see Iguesman and Joo at Thalian Hall:

It is my birthday this weekend-thank you for the chance to celebrate by seeing such amazing musicians. WHQR is my favorite place for classical music!

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