Fixing Up Wilmington's MLK Center

Wilmington, NC – The city of Wilmington is moving ahead with plans to refurbish the Martin Luther King Center in downtown.

Part of the parks and recreation bond passed last May gives the city $600,000 dollars to modernize the building and bring it up to ADA compliance.

Tara Duckworth with Wilmington's Parks and Recreation says the plan is to open up small rooms to make more space for senior and after school programs.

When the building was built in the 70's it was built to be more of a community center where the health department and other organizations were coming in and doing clinics and things, and it just isn't the use we're using for it now.

Duckworth says the Martin Luther King remolding should start in March.

She says there will be a public meeting at the first of the year to show residents designs for the King Center.