Fifty Cats Seeking A New Home

Wilmington, NC – The Robeson County Humane Society is looking for homes for more than 50 cats that have been living with an elderly St. Paul's woman.

A code enforcement officer alerted the Humane Society earlier this month that Lessie Smith had been taking care of 60 cats.

Shelly Carey is Adoption Coordinator for the Robeson County Humane Society. She says the cats are well feed and in generally good condition because Smith bought food for them before feeding herself.

This was a lot of cats in a small, you know, environment and just multiplying. As far as health goes, they're in really good shape for being in the conditions they had to endure.

Carey says Smith's house had no ceiling in one room and running water only in one bathroom.

The Robeson County Humane Society has already placed eight cats. Carey says the goal is to get the remaining cats adopted before the town condemns and tears down the house.

The Robesonian reports that Smith will soon be living with her sister in Florida.