Election Night Round Up

Wilmington, NC – Not all of the precincts were in by early Wednesday morning, but here are the results so far.

North Carolina House 17th District

In the 17th House District Race, with 20 of the 22 precincts reporting Republican Incumbent Bonner Stiller has 63% of the vote compared to Democratic Challenger Allan Dameron's 37% of the vote.

The 17th House District is considered a swing district with an even split between Democrats and Republicans and a sizable block of unaffiliated voters.

Stiller says last night's results show that those Democrats and unaffiliated voters heard his message.

North Carolina House 18th District

In the 18th House District race unofficial results show Democratic Incumbent Thomas Wright held on to his seat receiving 64% of the vote compared to Republican Challenger Frankie Roberts' 36%.

North Carolina House 20th District

In the 20th state House District with 27 of the 30 precincts in, Democratic Incumbent Dewey Hill leads Republican Challenger Ray Gilbert with 62% of the vote.

North Carolina Senate 8th District

In the race for the state Senate 8th District seat, with 63 of the 66 precincts in unofficial results show incumbent Democrat R.C. Soles Jr. with 52% of the vote to Republican Challenger Bill Fairley's 48%.

Soles has spent 38 years in the legislature, making him the longest consecutive serving member of the general assembly.

North Carolina Senate 9th District

Democratic incumbent Julia Boseman defeated Republican Challenger Al Roseman with 63% of the vote.

Brunswick County

Unofficial results with 23 of the 26 precincts in show in Brunswick County Commission's First District, Republican Phil Norris with 60% and Democrat Thurman Gause with 40%.

In the Second District Republican David Sandifer had 52% and Democratic Challenger Marion Davis 48%.

In the Brunswick County Board of Education District Three, Republican Charles Miller had 53% and Democrat Bob Harris had 47%. In District Five, Republican Scotty Milligan received 55% of the vote, and Democrat Ronnie Jenkins received 45%. That's with 23 of the 26 precincts in.

Over in Oak Island, with 23 precincts reporting, voters overwhelmingly voted against the referendum putting the maximum height limit in flood zones at 41-feet.