Early Voter Turnout Mixed

Wilmington, NC – Early voting ends tomorrow and around the region turnout has been mixed.

Brunswick County Board of Elections Director Greg Bellamy says early voter turnout has been high. Compared to the last countywide election two years ago, Bellamy says voter turnout is up more than 50%.

"Course we had the additional tax item on the ballot so that may be attracting some attention. But we really don't know how much," Bellamy says.

Pender County Board of Elections director Dennis Boyles says as of Thursday evening at least 1700 voters have come to the polls early. Boyles says Hampstead's incorporation is drawing more voters than on the transfer tax.

"And of course with the Hampstead vote, these people are voting on the transfer tax," says Boyles.

There is no countywide election in New Hanover County this year. New Hanover County Head of Elections Margaret Haynes say early voter turnout for municipal elections is average.

"Voter turnout has been steady, but it's not a huge turnout," she says.


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