Downtown Boys Share Ripping New Single 'Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas)'

Mar 14, 2017
Originally published on March 14, 2017 3:14 pm

Sometimes the hard-working, completely badass punks win. Downtown Boys signed to Sub Pop recently, an open invitation for a wider world to hear the Rhode Island natives' wild, bilingual, no-filler, can-still-throw-down punk rock. No word on a follow-up to 2015's Full Communism, but today we get a new single en español, "Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas)," which translates to "We're Elegant/Intelligent (We're Not Dumb)." It is, by far, the band's most aggressive track yet, a relentless ripper.

The band writes via Facebook that the song is "a declaration of one's ability to decolonize one's mind, and the importance of fearlessly unlearning the ways white supremacy conditions people to think and exist. 'Somos Chulas' was recorded during our recent sessions with Guy Picciotto and Greg Norman at Electrical Audio in Chicago." Can't wait to hear more.

The band is equally incessant and vital live — and on tour right now, including many shows this week at SXSW.

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