Docs Get Green Light To Build Med Center

Wilmington, NC – New Hanover County Commissioners Monday night approved re-zoning that clears the way for a medical complex in Scott's Hill.

A group of doctors wants to build the complex on 50 acres of land on Market Street near the Pender County line.

Developers say the office and retail complex made up of eight, two-story buildings go hand in hand with the New Hanover County regional annex planned for the same development.

But residents like Jim Mullins say the retail project is too big and will create traffic and runoff that could damage near-by Futch and Foy creeks.

Futch Creek is a very, very important part of the area and they're overlooking something that's very important to the people.

Developers say they have designed a stormwater system that will catch runoff before it can drain into the creeks.

CEO and President of New Hanover Health Network Jack Barto says it's imperative that medical services are available to residents in the northern part of the county.

But opponents to the medical complex questioned why the hospital passed over land it already owns in the area for land inside the medical complex.

Barto says the other property doesn't fit into hospital plans to expand medical care and offer a 24-hour emergency facility.

And then down the line we clearly see us trying to do a 60 to 80 bed bed-tower, you know impatient beds on that land

Barto says the entire expansion for Scott's Hill is five to seven years away.

County commissioners approved the re-zoning providing developers pay for road improvements and that roads inside the medical complex can accommodate public transportation such as busses.