Convention Center Contract Before Wilmington Council

Wilmington, NC – It's late on the agenda, but first in many minds - a revised contract with developer Armada Hoffler, committing 2.2 million dollars of city money to design and build the Convention Center, including an initial payment of 600,000 dollars to complete the design phase.

Tonight's vote takes place before the swearing in of one of the strongest voices of opposition to the convention center.

Incoming Councilwoman Pat Delair said she would have liked a chance to vote against the contract, but that she expects it would pass by a wide margin in any case. Delair said she would continue to

The current contract is the result of a settlement with a resident and several local hotels that sued to block an original agreement. Under this agreement, the city will operate the Convention Center, while a private company controls the adjoining hotel.

If the contract is approved, builders are still at least a year and a half away from breaking ground on the Convention Center.