Complaints of Pestering At The Polls

Wilmington, NC – New Hanover County Elections officials say some voters are complaining about aggressive campaigning happening outside the elections office.

Early voters have been casting ballots at the county office for the last two weeks.

There is a 50-foot buffer zone from the Election Board's front door, and campaigners for candidates such as Nick Rhodes and Al Roseman have been standing outside that zone approaching voters as they walk to the booths.

Maria O'Neil is campaigning for District Court Judge candidate Lori West Gains. She says campaigners feel this is okay as long as its done with tact.

We want to make sure that when people come here for early voting, they're getting answers to questions they may not have had before.

The County says it cannot control what happens beyond the buffer zone. Early voting ends at 1:00 p.m. Saturday.