Communique: "Over The River And Through The Woods" | Comic & Poignant Play From Big Dawg

May 3, 2017

Actresses Chris Brown and Irene Slater say Big Dawg's latest play, Over the River and Through the Woods, is hilarious--but they advise bringing a tissue for the tears. They both know this show well: 10 years ago, they played the parts they play now (grandmothers Emma and Aida), then opposite grandfathers played by Donn Ansell and Frank Capasso. Both Donn and Frank have passed away since. Listen above to hear Chris and Irene talk about the poignancy of the show itself and their own emotional journey performing it again.

Over the River and Through the Woods is about an Italian-American family, mainly the grandparents (2 sets) and the grandson, Nicholas, played by Kenny Rosander. The grandparents are doing everything they can to keep Nicholas from moving away. There is a lot of comedy in this show, but this is also a deep story about family and connection over generations. While the family portrayed is Italian-American, the actresses say it could be about any family.

Performances are at the Cape Fear Playhouse, 613 Castle Street, 8:00pm Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and 3:00pm Sundays through May 14. 

Irene Slater (far left) and other cast members
Credit Big Dawg Productions

Cast: Chris Brown, Irene Slater, Kenny Rosander, Craig Myers, Skip Maloney, Beth Corvino