Communique: Final Hours Of The Civil War In NC | "The Last Encampment"

Mar 25, 2017

When I walked into Cape Fear Playhouse, I thought I went in through the out door. I could hear birds and insects in the background, breathing live trees surrounded the space, and the entire floor was covered in rustling pine-straw. There was a campfire burning (in the "stage magic" kind of way) in the center of the stage.  The theatre even smelled like the woods. I spoke with Technical Director Scott Davis and Director Steve Vernon about the play this realistic set was created for, The Last Encampment; listen above.

Big Dawg Productions presents "The Last Encampment" by David Anthony Wright at Cape Fear Playhouse. Thursdays-Saturdays @ 8:00pm, Sundays @ 3:00pm through April 9th (no show on Sunday, March 26)

David Anthony Wright is author of this work; he was also the playwright for The Hermit of Fort Fisher, a popular play produced by Big Dawg Productions last year. The Last Encampment is also a historical look at North Carolina history: the intense 12 hours before General Johnston in North Carolina surrendered to General Sherman. Director/Big Dawg Artistic Director Steve Vernon was drawn to this play because of its human-centered focus on the Civil War, which he says allows the story to transcend the Civil War.

Final rehearsal, "The Last Encampment"
Credit Lisa Mastin/Big Dawg Productions

The Last Encampment has a cast of 9 men: Woody Stefl (Mos), Randy Davis (Sam), Rich Deike (Angus), Luke Nemchik (Thad), Thomas Winner (Patrick), Ken Campbell (General Johnston), Eben Mastin (Colonel Holloway), Rob Winner (Major Parker), John Wolfe (Colonel Wilcox). 

Tickets can be purchased online and at the door, and can be reserved by telephone 910-367-5237 and email.