Communique: "Fiction to Fashion" Design Contest & Fashion Show | EXPO 216

Feb 23, 2017

The dress may smell like roasting marshmallows...I spoke with 2 teenagers and a man named Scooter for 30 minutes, and I'm still not sure if there are marshmallows in this dress--this dress made of books, and some other stuff, for a very special design contest. It's the 3rd Annual Fashion Design Contest for teens called Fiction to Fashion. Scooter Hayes, the Youth Services Librarian in New Hanover County, is the leader of this interesting project. He joined us along with 2 contestants: teenagers Ashley Bennette and Theo Townend. Listen above. 

There will be 20 teens showing off their creations, crafted from books, cds, dvds, tapes, and even 8-tracks. The Fiction to Fashion show is tonight (Thursday, 2/23) at EXPO  216 on Front Street at 7:00pm.