Communique: "Catching The Spirit: Images By Gansor & Osman" At Art In Bloom Gallery

Feb 24, 2017

Mark Gansor & Amy Grant
Credit WHQR/gg

Amy Grant, the owner and manager of Art in Bloom Gallery, paired two artists for her latest exhibit: Catching the Spirit: Images by Mark Gansor and Carole Osman. Gansor's paintings include realistic acrylic buildings, gardens, and fields, while Osman presents pastel, monoprint, collage, oil, and acrylic work.  The opening reception for this exhibit is Friday, 2/24, part of 4th Friday Gallery Walk, 6:00pm-9:00pm. 

Gansor and Osman will both be at the Reception. Listen to Amy Grant and Mark Gansor talk about the exhibit above. 

"Catching the Spirit: Images by Mark Gansor & Carole Osman." Opening Reception, Friday, 2/24 at Art in Bloom Gallery, 6:00pm-9:00pm. Closing Reception, Friday, April 7.
Armistice Day by Mark Gensor
Credit Mark Gensor