Communique: Actress Erin Hunter Plays Celia Rivenbark Onstage At Theatre Now

Jun 15, 2017

Beth Swindell, Director

You may have read her newspaper column or one of her books. You may have seen one of the plays based on her work adapted by Zach Hanner. But the new play onstage at Theatre Now connected to Celia Rivenbark is different. First, it was written as a play by Celia herself (not adapted). Second, it's about her-her life, her family, her experiences. Celia is even one of the characters in the play. Director Beth Swindell and actress Erin Hunter say it's as funny as everything else Celia does--enriched with a dash of poignancy. The show, Celia: Aging Like a Fine Box of Wine, is onstage at Theatre Now Friday and Saturday nights through July 22. Listen above to hear Beth and Erin talk about the show, and see the themed dinner options below.

Celia: Erin Hunter
The Princess: Sophie Whisnant/Kendall Walker
Duh Hubby: Jim Bowling
Pauline/Britney: Logan Tart
Faydene/Et Al: Elizabeth Michaels
Aunt Verlie/Et Al: Penelope Grover
Patty/Et Al: Pam Smith

That's Celia-on a fine box of wine.
Credit Theatre Now

Showtime is 7:00pm on Friday and Saturday nights at Theatre Now (corner of 10th & Dock Streets). Tickets are available with or without dinner; here are the dinner options for the evening.

Summer Fruit Salad
with Pickled Zucchini, Lettuce Greens & Poppy Citrus Dressing (on the side) (Gluten Free dish)

Entree (Choose One)
Pimento Cheese & Grilled Vegetable Hand-Held (meatless)
a fried pimento cheese patty and grilled summer veggies, inside a warm house-made cauliflower burger bun* (gluten free), served with 3-potato salad & a kosher pickle slice
*cauliflower bun contains tree nuts; a wheat bun available by request
Ritz Cracker Chicken Breast
A juicy boneless chicken breast coated in Ritz Cracker crumbs and oven ‘fried’ with roasted chicken gravy, a pimento cheese stuffed potato boat & grilled veggies
Bourbon Beef
Beef braised in red wine with carrots and finished with bourbon & brown sugar and served with sweet potato-roasted corn grits and Chef’s Greens (gluten free dish)

Dessert of the Day