CoastLine Candidate Interviews: Representative Frank Iler (R), North Carolina House District 17

Oct 26, 2016

On this edition of the CoastLine Candidate Interviews, we meet Representative Frank Iler, the Republican from Brunswick County who has served North Carolina’s House District 17 for three-and-a-half terms and is seeking a fourth.  We had also booked his Democratic challenger, Charles Warren.  Mr. Warren let us know a couple of days earlier that he could not appear due to an emergency. 

House District 17 is located exclusively in Brunswick County and includes slightly more than the southern half of the County.  91% of voters are white; 7.5% are black, and about 2% are categorized as “other”.   Among registered voters, 38% are Republicans, 34% are registered as Democrats, and 28% are unaffiliated voters. 

Representative Frank Iler was appointed to his House seat in 2009 after Bonner Stiller stepped away from the post.  Iler won reelection three more times and is seeking his fourth term.  He has worked as a cost accountant and budget supervisor in the textile industry, and he has owned a fast-food franchise and worked in sales and marketing. 

Frank Iler has also served as Chairman of the Brunswick County Republican Party, Chairman of the 7th Congressional District Republican Party and as a precinct chairman.