CoastLine Candidate Interviews: H2GO Board of Commissioners

Sep 8, 2017

Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO, popularly known as H2GO, is a water and sewer utility in Brunswick County that serves the northeast portion of the County including Leland, Belville, parts of Navassa, and some customers located outside of these municipal boundaries.  H2GO serves over 10,000 water customers and nearly 6,000 sewer customers.

The historic growth rate for the service area, according to H2GO, is about 2.5% each year.  But last year, the customer base rose by more than 3.5% and the utility says it expects a similar growth rate going forward – and they say, they expect their customer base to double within the next 25 years.

H2GO currently buys finished water from Brunswick County Public Utilities. 

Since 2011, the utility has worked towards building its own Reverse Osmosis plant.  Constructing a $30-plus million plant is controversial with opponents concerned the project is not necessary and would saddle consumers with higher utility rates.

On this first edition of the 2017 CoastLine Candidate Interviews, we meet two current members of the H2GO Board of Commissioners who support moving forward with the RO plant. 

And we’ll meet one challenger candidate who strongly opposes the project.

The order of the candidates was randomly chosen just before air time.

Candidates in order of appearance:

Carl Antos, current Secretary, H2GO Board of Commissioners  [Segment 1]

Don Yousey, U.S. Air Force veteran, Health Director for Brunswick County for 14 years [Segment 2]

Ron Jenkins, current Vice Chair, H2GO Board of Commissioners [Segment 3]