City Life Snapshot: Dayton's 5th Street Brew Pub Co-Op

Jun 12, 2013
Originally published on June 12, 2013 7:55 pm

In this City Life Snapshot from Dayton, Ohio, we meet Brian Young and Maureen Barry in a story of urban re-invention. Young and Barry gathered up 32 neighborhood investors to turn a 19th century grocery store that had fallen into disrepair into a local gathering spot: the Fifth Street Brew Pub Co-op. This story comes to us from Eric Risher and Lesley Fogle of ReInvention Stories, a project at member station WYSO. It's part of Localore, a national initiative of the Association of Independents in Radio. City Life Snapshots are part of the NPR Cities Project.

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A different kind of urban innovation now in this City Life Snapshot from Dayton, Ohio.

BRIAN YOUNG: I'm Brian Young. I was the person who may have started this whole thing. We had a place in our neighborhood, and it was a old building. It looked horrible, so we thought we want to take control of it.

MAUREEN BARRY: I'm not sure of the exact year, but 1860-something this building was built. It wasn't attractive at all to look at.


BARRY: I'm Maureen Barry. We had this vision for this place to be a neighborhood gathering spot. We didn't have the money to do it ourselves so that's where the idea came in to get a bunch of people to invest.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Hi. Welcome to Fifth Street. We've got the local brew on tap here, Great Lakes in the middle, and toward the back membership information and T-shirts.

YOUNG: Anyone can join. It's very - actually a reasonable price for a brewpub of $100. That gets them ownership of the brewpub and the rights to say, hey, I own a brewpub, you know, which is kind of cool.


BARRY: This is a community effort. It's a way for us to solve a problem and to take back this building and reinvent it and see something good happen with it.

CORNISH: Maureen Barry and Brian Young and 30 neighbors reinvented a little piece of Dayton with the Fifth Street Brew Pub Co-op.

Thanks to Eric Risher at member station WYSO for that City Life Snapshot. Eric is part of Localore, a national initiative from the Association of Independents in Radio.

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