Cinematique Presents: "Museum Hours"

Oct 3, 2013

Vienna, winter: Johann, a guard at the grand Kunsthistorisches Art Museum encounters Anne, a foreign visitor called to Austria because of a medical emergency. Never having been to Austria and with little money, she wanders the city, taking the museum as her refuge. Johann, initially wary, offers help ,and they’re drawn into each other’s worlds. Their meetings spark unexpected explorations—of their own lives, of the life of the city, and of the way art can reflect and shape daily experience. Near the film’s end, Johann and Anne are out exploring the fringe of the city when her ill friend’s condition suddenly reaches a crisis point.  (Unrated, 1hr, 48min.)  

October 14-16, 7:30PM

at Thalian Hall's Main Stage

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"Quietly amazing." - The New York Times