Chiaki Ito and Debra Gillingham of Cape Fear Theatre Arts

Jun 22, 2012


Cape Fear Theatre Arts (a branch of City Stage) presents ALL NIGHT STRUT, a show of 30s and 40s standard jazz classics.  I spoke with musical director Chiaki Ito and director/choreographer singer/actress Debra Gillingham. The singers featured during the interview were Shannon Playl, Joy Gregory, George Domby, Eric Maasch, and Debra Gillingham. Newlin Parker is also in the show but wasn't able to join us in the studio today.  ALL NIGHT STRUT opens Thursday, June 28 at the Cameron Art Museum.  It runs Thursday thru Saturday at 8, and Sunday at 3.  It also runs July 6, 7 & 8, with Friday and Saturday shows at 8, and Sunday at 3.  Tickets: City Stage 910-264-2602  or