CDC Reports High Obesity Rates for Carolinas

Aug 14, 2012

More than one in three American’s are obese.  WHQR’s Andrew Jarachovic reports on the results of a survey released yesterday by the Center for Disease Control which says a number of states, including South Carolina, have very high obesity rates.  

Colorado reported the lowest obesity rate in the nation.  Slightly more than 20 percent of its population is obese.  The new CDC report showed Mississippi with the highest rate in the nation, at nearly 36 percent.   12 states, including South Carolina, reported rates above 30 percent.  North Carolina reported 29 percent and no state in the country reported less than a 20 percent adult obesity rate. 

The results are based on a 2011 telephone survey asking adults their height and weight.  The study is significant because it is the first time the CDC conducted their survey using only cell phone numbers.  This establishes a new baseline from which future changes in obesity rates will be monitored.