Camp LeJeune releases off limits establishment list

Feb 12, 2013

The Office of the Inspector General at Camp LeJeune released a list of businesses considered to be off limits to marines stationed at Camp LeJeune and Cherry Point. The list includes a range of establishments deemed to have negative impacts on marines.

The list includes auto repair shops, retail stores, organizations claiming to be part of the VA health system, and a lot of tobacco shops. Camp LeJeune’s Public Affairs Director Nat Fahy says it’s these shops that continue to dominate the list.

“Obviously the driving force is to get them to change. In the case of tobacco shops that are on the list, these guys are selling hallucinogenic, psychotropic drugs to our marines, and the bottom line is that this is going to have a direct effect on the health and welfare of our marines and their ability to be operationally effective in combat.” 

Fahy says the businesses making the list are aware of marines’ small paychecks and their relatively young age. He says establishments have had ample time to correct their ways and have already gone through a lengthy appeals process.