Building an Oyster Reef

Nov 21, 2011

The North Carolina Coastal Federation spearheaded an important event on Saturday, November 19, bringing together WHQR staff & board members, General Electric employees, along with local high school and college students, for the building of an oyster reef at Morris Landing Clean Water Preserve on Stump Sound, near Holly Ridge, NC.

Concrete domes previously placed along the shoreline became the foundation for 4000 bags of marl and oyster shells, shuttled to the water’s edge by an enthusiastic ‘bucket line’ of volunteers.  In addition, 2,800 seedlings of native salt marsh cordgrass were planted to complete the nearly quarter-acre project.  The reef and marsh will combine to filter sediment from the water, create habitat for shellfish, and prevent shoreline erosion.

WHQR’s 2011 summer pledge drive played a major role in this ambitious undertaking, adding three bags of marl & shells per pledge, and station members were encouraged to participate in the project.

Read Ian Oeschger's post at this site.  Find more information on the NCCF at