Boiling Spring Lakes to Issue Refunds for Water Assessment

Mar 8, 2012

More than 4700 parcel owners in Boiling Spring Lakes will receive a $345 refund from the city in the next few months. 

WHQR’s Sara Wood reports the money is leftover from a water assessment project that began in 2006 to fund the construction of a city water system.

The funds are leftover from the construction of a water system that moved most property owners off of well water. Interim City Manager Paul Sabiston says property owners who paid the $500 fee on time should receive a check in the next few months, although he asks them to be patient.

 “What we hope to do in the next couple of weeks is have a list from book one; we have 10 books of potential recipients. And the ones that are clear cases, that is, accounts that have paid, it’s easy to determine that they have paid and they’re in book one, starting with parcel one, and move through the books, book by book.”

Sabiston says about 4700 parcel owners qualify for the refund. In 2010, the city transferred its water system over to Brunswick County, and with a $1.6 million surplus from the water assessment, the board of commissioners voted last year to refund property owners.

He says because the city transferred its water system to the county, the county offered credit for a possible sewer line along the city’s business district on Highway 87, which could benefit more than 50 business owners.

“Part of the negotiation involved the city receiving credit for approximately 100,000 gallons of sewer capacity so that’s a pretty big benefit and comes at a fairly high cost.” 

Sabiston says the county is almost ready to start taking bids for the sewer project, which is estimated to cost $3.4 million.