Bill To Boost Lawmakers Pay & Terms

Wilmington, NC – State Senator David Weinstein has introduced a pair of bills extending lawmakers terms and boosting their pay.

The Robeson County democrat says the last election produced state senate races costing upwards of $300,000. And with lawmakers having to run for office every two years, he says the schedule has turned the campaign trail into a continual loop.

When you file to run, if you win in 13 months you're filing again. And people are tired of having fundraisers and trying to raise money, and raise money and raise money to run for election.

Weinstein says he hopes his bill to amend the state constitution to stretch terms limits from two years to four years in both chambers will go before voters.

Pay Raises

Right now legislators make nearly $14,000, and Weinstein would like to give them a raise of a little more than a thousand dollars.

The measure would also increase their $104 a day per diem.

Weinstein says more money would lure a wider variety of people to the general assembly.

If you want the legislature to be composed of attorneys, bankers, retired people and wealthy people, we can keep it just like it is.

Weinstein says the goal is to give lawmakers the same raises given to state employees