A Beautiful 3,000 Photo Stop-Motion Tour of Greenfield Lake

Jul 26, 2012

Mike Bull and Jessica Thummel moved to Wilmington from Denver, Colorado and fell immediately in love with Greenfield lake.

Mike says:

After moving to Wilmington and having some trouble finding work, I needed a project to keep me sane and busy. Jessica and I were walking around the lake one day and she said, when we moved back to Denver, she was going to miss it: the trees, the Spanish moss, the turtle bridge, the whole four-mile view, so I came up with this as a way of taking Greenfield with us. We walked around the lake a couple hundred times and usually, I would bring my camera and capture a hundred yards at a time in three-step increments. I’m sure I looked strange doing it. Jessica said people would sometimes stare but I was busy trying to not to trip and fall (looking through a viewfinder severely limits your peripheral vision). She loves the end result, which was really the only goal, but I hope other people see and enjoy it too.